MCJ Technology Services Advantages

shutterstock_6743 We work in sync with your business hours as well as after business hours. Considerable Cost Savings- Our basic man-hour rate starts as low as $20/hr depending on the domain, technology and methodology involved. Our Global model cuts your operational cost up to 50% compared to the cost for the same or similar service in your geographical area. Our services are cost effective, compared to domestic rates, giving an edge to our clients in this highly competitive market. Using the latest communication platforms like Logmein, Skype, Google talk and client portal, connectivity presents no constrains. This will also ensure utmost transparency in the work we do. Free Trial - We will develop and deliver a trial project/prototype free of cost. This is an effective way to access our capability to develop and deliver on time. World Class Quality Service Offerings- The quality of our services are second to none. Enhanced Company Focus - By utilizing our outsourcing services, companies can more effectively and efficiently free themselves from non-core or less critical business functions. This means that instead of assigning resources to areas, which are not in your proficiency, you can concentrate your resources on meeting your customers' needs. Faster Time to Market - By supplementing your organization with discriminatory talent in remote locations, technology solutions are executed faster. You realize your payback faster.


At MCJ Technology Services, our vision is to promote success among our clients and partners while adhering to our principles.

Thereby, to build an effective infrastructure that will help our clients achieve their strategic technology goals and make them compatible with future markets.


Our mission is to help our clients manage, change and transform their business through high quality, cost-effective business information solutions. Our capability to evolve and be flexible in a dynamic business world will provide our identity. We are dedicated to extend comprehensive end to end services from within our many service offerings.

Briefly our mission is:

To be the most valued IT Service and solutions provider by delivering managed IT services and solutions to our key clients and strategic partners

To consistently deliver unparalleled, quality results to our clients.